Wednesday 25 April 2012

Challenger's Future

 Edit: November 23, 2013

Hi there, this is a really old post and most of this stuff has already been done, or not implemented.

Anything marked with an '*' has been done. Anything marked with a '@' was not changed.
 ...About Challenger

What's in the future for Challenger? Well, I plan to continue to rely on the help of my completely epic playtesters and readers. Joining that group of epic people is just as easy as dropping me a line via e-mail and telling me what you want fixed or improved in Challenger.

There is currently a new revision of Challenger in the works. I have many fine people involved in the brainstorming process already. The planned changes (so far) are as follows:

  • Rework the entire Skills Chapter and make it simpler, more effective, and more clear. *
  • Remove/Rework Broad Skills. @
  • Add Weapon Damage to the game while including an option for 'classic style' set damage. *
  • Rework all powers/monsters/adventures/magic items to update to the new weapon damage rules (see above). *
  • Include an entry in every class for: Armor Training, Weapon Training, and Skills available. *
  • Rework all class descriptions to make them more cool. Possibly alphabetize the classes and races (if I'm not too lazy). *
  • Alphabetize and rework the glossary to make things simpler and more clear. *
  • Include an entry for new players at the start of the book (because so many people totally new to the hobby are checking out Challenger). *
  • Improve general quality and layout. *
  • Possibly include an example Dungeon Map to aid new GM's in creating their own adventures. *
  • Better explanation of strange acronyms for new players. *
  • Rework the entire Equipment section to make it less random. Give Weapons and Armor individual entries. *
  • Include more monsters (by request). *
  • Possibly include more playable classes (this was requested, but nobody has given me any ideas for new classes, so I'm kind of stuck there). @
  • Update the Amazon Challenger file to that of the newer PDF version on RPGnow with more artwork (some people have noticed this. What can I say? I'm lazy, the current newest version is the PDF version on and in the print book. It's a lot of work messing around with different ePub and Mobi formats). *
  • Improve the ToC. *
  • Add Bookmarks to the PDF. *
  • Make it easier for new players with a help section in the introduction. De-emphasize rules and number crunching and emphasize story in the introduction. *
  • Thinking about adding in a "Telekinetic" character class. *
All the above changes are in the 'ideas' stage. There is no guarantee they'll be included in the revision, but it's a pretty safe bet.

If you have any ideas for further revisions or improvements, please let me know! If you disagree with any of above changes (or agree with them) please, also, let me know. I look forward to hearing your opinion on how to improve Challenger.

David L. Dostaler
Author, Challenger RPG

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