Friday 14 September 2012

Challenger is Finished!

Well, it's finally here. A new Challenger...

role-playing games
Attentive viewers may be able to spot the old Challenger RPG character sheet somewhere...

Thanks to everyone who waited while I was trekking in the bush on vacation, to all those who offered their much appreciated advice and support, and of course to the players who I hope will enjoy the new version.

The new book should become available in all formats across the internet (and in print on Amazon in the Books category) when the various companies finish review processes (I've essentially done my bit). The first new copies will probably show up on Amazon Kindle because those guys are awesome and the PDF on Next most likely is the direct Smashwords page for the book. After that, it's a toss up between: Apple, Kobo, Sony, Nook, and the Print Edition (which requires additional reviews and other pains in the posterior).

Because you're reading this, I'll treat you to an ultra-boring rendition of the various virtues of the different formats:

The Kindle Version will be freaking awesome with the most new artwork, highest picture qualities, best TOC and navigation, and the pure awesomeness of Kindle. They also don't have an upper file size limit so that should increase the awesomeness with the new equipment tables.

Next up is the PDF which will have awesome bookmarks, a huge file size, and all the artwork. The navigation will probably only be second to the Kindle version. The large file size may cause some small problems on clunker computers (like mine) but that's the price of art, I guess.

The other electronic versions of the book are subject to weird restrictions such as 5 MB of file upload size. Thus, not all of the artwork will appear and I could not put in the weapon, armor, and equipment tables present in the other new versions of the book (sad face). Also, TOCs are illegal in Smashwords so that's a pain too. Other than that, I'm hoping the book will otherwise be up to snuff. Sorry e-book Sony and Apple Ipad users, you might be missing a couple pictures and tables! Yell at Smashwords and not me!

And, finally, the new print edition (when it finally comes out) will not only feature the TOC, all artwork, and a cool back cover; it'll also have awesome page borders if everything comes out alright. That's right, the print edition has everything 'and' page borders. Pretty awesome, huh? I'd still invest in the e-book version first (Kindle Emulation is free and so is the book in all formats). If you deem it worthy, you can always get the print version later. Personally, I always prefer to have physical copies of my favourite books. I guess you could call me old fashioned that way. ;)

Yes, and that's about it. Congratulations, you've survived through a load of prattle which is probably only interesting to the 0.00001% of people who are game designers and e-book publishers!

To hear of the many other virtues of the new game, see the previous blog post below.


I've also updated Adventure Pack One to include weapon damage and reduced XP to match the new revision. I hope everyone likes the changes we've made! Also, apologies all the new artwork isn't done yet. I paid for it, honest! You can yell at the artist instead of me...

All the Best,

--David L. Dostaler
Author, Challenger RPG (free)

...Challenger RPG on Amazon 


  1. The new Challenger is amazing. I look forward to starting a campaign soon!
    -Robby Fury

  2. Thank you. Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to getting Kingdoms of Sileeria finished up, but the artist is a bit delayed (she's still working on the Challenger artwork as well).

    If you find any problems/have any ideas about the new version of the game, please let me know!

    Thanks for being awesome!


  3. Wow, the new version with all the tabled looks amazing! Great job!

  4. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your mentioning it. It was a bit of a pain to put in the e-book version because they don't support tables so I had to scan it.

    If you see anything which still needs fixing, please let me know! When the new art I commissioned is finally finished I'll probably fit in a few more changes.

    I really appreciate the feedback, thank you!


  5. Dear Mr. Dostaler,
    I'm new to role playing games and saw Challenger while browsing on my kindle. I have read the rules and have yet to try the game but am really psyched to. I was wondering if you take feedback about the game (such as some races/classes I had thought of that I'd really like to see official/somewhere in the rules)and if so how I can send the information to you/where do I post it.

    1. Dear Mr. Greenspoon,

      That's great! I always love to get feedback on the game. You can send it to me at Challenger_rpg(at) which is my e-mail dedicated to Challenger. You can also feel free to post up anything here if you wish, but I tend to check my e-mails more often.

      Sorry for the delayed response. I've been working 6 hours a week and writing a column for En World on my days off.

      Please feel free to write me anytime!

      All the Best,

      --David Dostaler

  6. Mr. Dostaler,
    I have been gaming for a few years now, and I would have to say that Challenger has been the best of all the rpg's i have played (yes, that is out of the five I have played, but still...) I have even started playing it at school, and read the core rules for fun, as your writing style is absolutely hilarious.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  7. Wow, thank you so much. I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me. There is no higher compliment or reward for a writer than to hear his work is appreciated. The fact that it's your favorite is even better. I love to write humor, and I'm glad you enjoyed it in the book.

    I'm currently deep into revisions of a complete 8 book comic fantasy series. If I don't sell them to the major publishers they may come out on Amazon in the future.

    Thanks again for the kind words. It makes all the work worth it.

    1. Well, however your comic series appears, I shall most definitely read it.
      I can honestly say that I prefer Challenger over Dungeons and Dragons. The sheer amount of choice offered in Challenger is absolutely amazing, I am playing as an albino troll who likes to extract toll from people. All my friends really enjoy it too.

    2. Thanks! That's totally awesome. What a spectacularly unique character. How many people can say they've been allowed to play an albino troll who likes to extract tolls from people? I'm glad your friends are enjoying it, too. :)

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