Sunday 4 November 2012

My New Column on En World: RPG News and Reviews

How to Powergame in Ten Easy Steps

Edit: The site is currently infected with malware. Heads up!

Edit 2: It's now being rebuilt.

I've recently been writing weekly articles for the En World RPG website. You can find the five so far (and new ones on Mondays) in the News section on the main page.

The five articles so far are: How to Powergame in Ten Easy Steps, 19 Secrets to being a Successful RPG Player, 23 Bad Habits of Otherwise Successful GMs, How to Scare your Players' Pants off, and How to Keep your Game Running Smoothly.

Edit 3: I've now stopped writing for them because they won't pay me. All of the rights to my works have already reverted to me (only 1 month exclusive in the contract, which is also probably void without payment). I'll probably be posting them up here one at a time in reverse order. 

...Challenger on Itunes 


  1. 99 cents David--for every item. Take no prisoners. I can't say it enough, people don't appreciate a free item. Even at .99 cents everyone can afford it. I can see all your hard work here.

  2. True. However, I currently have a load of art commissioned for Challenger (50-100 pieces), and I'd at least like to get that new artwork into the book before charging for it again. It's not really fair to the customer to make them buy the book twice just for the loads of new artwork in the works, right?

    I've also worked much harder on my novels. Those are probably the ones I wouldn't mind getting paid for because revising them is a lot of work. This was kind of just a little side project that took off.