Saturday 24 November 2012

Challenger for Free

Dear Everyone,

Edit January 1st: I just noticed Amazon is selling my book for $10.00. I've been busy with Christmas stuff. Sorry about that, everyone. I sent them a price match request for $0.00, but that's about all I can do at this point. In the meantime, feel free to swipe the book from Smashwords or for free. Thanks!


Edit December: Please ignore this post, it's free again. Thanks to Micah for kicking some sense back into me. A few one-star reviews is no reason to punish the whole role-playing community. Sorry for the inconvenience

All the Best,

--David L. Dostaler

I just reset the price of Challenger on the retail websites to $2.99. This was the original electronic price before Amazon did their price match. If everything goes as planned, the book should no longer be free anywhere (but: see below).

I really enjoyed having my book on the Amazon bestsellers list for so long, even if it was free. Now that it's finally dropped off the Top 100 fantasy book list, I've reset the price to paid. The one-star reviews were really starting to tick me off. Yes, I know the book is fairly crappy and not a computer game, but dude, it's free? If you don't like it, don't get it. I'm hoping the higher price will discourage the people who don't really care about the book from buying it.

The new artwork for the book is still paid and waiting in the wings. Hopefully, the artist will finish it soon.


Since you're reading this, I'm going to assume you actually care about Challenger enough to read a couple sentences. This probably makes you one of the decent people who won't instant buy it and then give out a crappy review because you thought it was a video game. In honor of that hard work, I have a discount code for one retailer which carries Challenger in all formats. It's good until December 24th. So, if you really want Challenger for free, you can still find it there. Check out  for the book. The discount code is: HW85Z

It's possible Amazon/other retailers won't update the new price for a few weeks (or forever) in which case you might want to try and grab the nicer Amazon version before it disappears.

It's been a great run on the free market. Thanks for your kind support and comments. I put your money to good use on paying for the new artwork.

 All the Best,

--David L. Dostaler Author, Challenger RPG

...Of Mice Men and Wizards 

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