Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sweet Photoshop Character Portraits by Tor

Hi everyone,

I just had the honor of viewing the 'amazing' artwork Tor can create using Photoshop. I'm not talking about Tor the publishing house, I'm talking about Tor the incredibly awesome creative designer. Check out his sweet artwork at his website linked below (I'll remove the picture if you want, Tor). Also, he has a video there on how he does it. Crazy, huh?

I don't favor the 'dark' them of Dark Heresy so much. However, this guy's art and imagination are both stellar! Be sure to check out his work and leave a comment!

...Stormtroopers Dancing 


  1. She looks hot. Is it a sword in her hand? Whatever it is, it looks pretty solid too. As the advice: why don't you try aurora tools for photoshop to make sweet pics like that? chick it out.

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