Friday 4 May 2012

How to Play the Avengers in Challenger

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...The mighty Iron-y Man flies through a portal into the depths of space on the tail of a Nuke, The Hulk Smasher bashes Loki up and calls him: "Puny God", Captain Americana says: "Give me a minute on that lever, Black Widow Woman beats the crap out of Eagle Hawk Man, and Thor bursts out of an impenetrable prison toppling through the air.

Do you have a hankering to play the characters from the movie you just watched? Well, so do I. Luckily, my RPG supports a wide range of play-styles and character concepts. To put the system 'through its paces' I whipped up some famous hero look-alikes for you to try out. Only you can tell me if I succeeded, or do better on your own! Good luck Heroes!

How to play the Avengers in Challenger RPG. See below for game statistics. Please note: not ‘all’ statistics are provided below. These stat blocks just show you what powers, skills, classes, and races to take in order to mimic the abilities and flavor of the Avengers. You will have to download Challenger RPG for free to finish detailing your characters and begin play. I've also included stats for the bad guys seen in a recent movie. see "Villains". 


Iron-y Man

Classes: Gadget Maker/Weapons Specialist (Wizard with advanced flavor).

Race: Human (Steel Man)

Powers: (5) Power Suit, Item Set (10 concealed with amazing uses), Gadget (using nothing, make something to solve your predicament), Fireball (missiles), Rock Skin (metal suit) +5 hp and some attacks may not damage you at all, Fly (powersuit ability).

Skills: Mental Strength +5 (genius), Forging Skill (metallurgy) +5, Seduction +5 (playboy), Wealth +5 (billionaire), Dazzling Wit +5, Repair/Create (tech) +5

Item Set Items: Laser (built into suit), Jarvis (computer program), Flares, Building (main base with suit repair shop etc.), Computers, Computer Hacking Equipment, Targetting Sensors, Scanners, Armor (2-6), Girl Henchman (Potties).

The Hulk Smasher

Classes: Incredibly Strong Daft Stinker/Rage Maniac

Race: Human (Beast Demon Thing)

Powers: Great Strength, Smash Anything, Huge Muscles, Rage, Thick Skin (+3 hp), and Undefeatable Rage.

Skills: Jump +5, Climb +5, Physical Strength +5 (incredible), Mental Strength +5 (in human form), Can’t die, gets more angry -5 (in Hulk Smasher form), Intimidate +5

Items: Clothes that rip off.


Classes: Warrior

Race: Immortal (Asgardian).

Powers: Dimensional Travel (from Asgard to other ‘realms’), Super-Strength, Flight, Cosmic Powers (lightning control and hammer), Unaging, Spinning Attack (up to 4 foes with only 1 attack back).

Skills: Flight Skill +5, Physical Strength +5 (incredible), Smash with Hammer +5, Lightning Bolt Power -5, Tornado Power -5, Returning Hammer Power (only those worthy may lift it) -5

Items: Thors Hammer magical lightning weapon, armor 2-5 (asgardian), red cape.

Captain Americana

Classes: Soldier (warrior)/Shield Thrower (Knife Thrower entry)

Race: Human

Powers: Catch Shield, Multi-attack-throw (multi-throw hits up to 3 people with only 1 attack back), Aim for the Eyes, Shield Skills +3 Attack +1 Damage, Defender, Unstoppable Tank, Human Versitility (1 bonus skill, +4 to one skill ‘leadership’)

Skills: Athletics +0, Leadership +9, Diplomacy +5, Acrobatics +5, Physical Strength +5 (incredible), Shield Stunts (returning, blocking, etc.) armor 2-6, and Smash the little Punching Bag +5

Items: Shield, blue spandex tights. Armor 2-6 from shield (see above). The shield is also pretty much unbreakable.

Eagle Hawk Eye

Classes: Archer/Assassin

Race: Human

Powers: Precision Strike +3 attack, Far Shot, Robin Hood Thing (Mad Archery), Perfect Shot, Human versatility (+4 to one skill and 1 extra skill), and Lethal Strike.

Skills: Deadly Strike -5, Focus -5, Aim +5, Assassin Strike -5, Hail of Arrows -1, Acrobatics +0, and Mad Archery -5.

Items: Sweet rotating bow quiver, collapsible bow, explosive arrows (1d6 bonus explosion damage), black suit, and a cigar.

Black Widow Woman

Classes: Ninja/Spy

Race: Human

Powers: Amazing Jump (like 40 ft. vertically), Finishing Move, Cobra Strike (interrupt any action for a free attack once per encounter), Obtain Information, Human Versatility (+4 to one skill and 1 bonus skill), and Ultimate Smoothness.

Skills: Acrobatics +4, Tumble +5, Martial Arts (unarmed fighting) +5, Lying/Bluff +5 (to obtain information), Electrical wrist bands -5, Language Skill (Russian) +5, and killer instinct and training -5.

Equipment: killer electrical wrist bands (in skills so if lost can replace), black suit, and daggers.


Bad Guys

Hp: 1 RR: 10 Movement: 3 Damage: 1 Challenge Level: easy

Special: staff weapon. Damage 1d6 in the hands of a hero. Also  has a blade on the end.

Hover Cycle (3 Bad Guys approx. per craft)

Hp: 1 (to be thematic) RR: 12 Movement: 24 (fly) Damage: 2 Challenge Level: moderate

Special: cannot bank well. Must make a save or crash each time this happens in tight quarters.

Giant Shark Mother-ship

Hp: 5 Armor: damage reduction 1 RR: 15 Movement 24 (fly) maneuverability low. Damage: 1d6 bite, slam, or death-ray cannon. Challenge Level: Difficult

Special: can go inside stomach and blow up. All Hover Cycles launch from these mother-ships as well.

Huge Enemy Battle-cruiser (Boss Ship)

Hp: 10 Armor: damage reduction 1 RR: 16 Movement: 20 (clumsy fly) Damage: 2d6 cannons. Challenge Level: very difficult.

Special: the battle-cruiser is equipped with multiple cannons and so can attack multiple times per round as if it was a multi-monster challenge. It can also be blow up by a well-placed nuke.


Hp: 8 Armor: none (evade 1 hit per battle if you want, he tends not to). RR: 14 Movement: 3 Damage: 2 staff blade or mind control which doesn't work on the super heroes. Mind Control grants a mental saving throw to heroes but not to NPCs. Challenge Level: moderate

Special: Loki is kind of nuts. He'll gladly insult heroes while he could instead be fighting them or coming up with a plan. Anyone who tanks advantage of this should receive a +2 to their attack roll. 

...The Vampire War

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