Monday, 10 September 2012

Challenger Revision Updates

Dear Everybody,

Challenger is so close to being finished you can probably smell the glue warming up for the new binding.

In other news, I have returned from my 15 week sabbatical in the wilderness. I climbed mountains, I swam lakes, I trekked forests, I ate blueberries, and I played Challenger to 31st level with a 5-year-old who created a Ninja-Rabbit named "Rabbo".

Best Regards and Keep the 20's Rolling,

--David L. Dostaler
 Author, Challenger RPG

I'm waiting on one person's final edits. There will be 3 new classes: Telekinetic, Seer, and Shadow Samurai. The skills chapter has been completely overhauled. I've added in weapon damage. There are new chapters on: henchmen, game design, and magic item crafting. There is a massive new list of magic items and tons more monsters. I've added an extensive glossary which should be hyper-linked in the e-book version. All classes and races have been completely overhauled complete with a 'new look' at all powers with an eye to improvement and game balance. The game text itself has been made more 'new person' friendly with clearer sentences, step-by-step filled out character sheet picture, a new (very cool) character sheet, a better introduction to role-playing, help with dungeon maps, and more tips on adventure and game design for new players. There were many other changes, but I figure if you're actually reading this tiny writing you'll probably see them in the new version anyway. Well met! --David

...Challenger in PDF 

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