Monday 10 September 2012

Challenger Revision Updates

Dear Everybody,

Challenger is so close to being finished you can probably smell the glue warming up for the new binding.

In other news, I have returned from my 15 week sabbatical in the wilderness. I climbed mountains, I swam lakes, I trekked forests, I ate blueberries, and I played Challenger to 31st level with a 5-year-old who created a Ninja-Rabbit named "Rabbo".

Best Regards and Keep the 20's Rolling,

--David L. Dostaler
 Author, Challenger RPG

I'm waiting on one person's final edits. There will be 3 new classes: Telekinetic, Seer, and Shadow Samurai. The skills chapter has been completely overhauled. I've added in weapon damage. There are new chapters on: henchmen, game design, and magic item crafting. There is a massive new list of magic items and tons more monsters. I've added an extensive glossary which should be hyper-linked in the e-book version. All classes and races have been completely overhauled complete with a 'new look' at all powers with an eye to improvement and game balance. The game text itself has been made more 'new person' friendly with clearer sentences, step-by-step filled out character sheet picture, a new (very cool) character sheet, a better introduction to role-playing, help with dungeon maps, and more tips on adventure and game design for new players. There were many other changes, but I figure if you're actually reading this tiny writing you'll probably see them in the new version anyway. Well met! --David

...Challenger in PDF 

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