Sunday 29 July 2012

Challenger is Finished (Sort of)

Dear Everyone,

I've essentially finished the new version of Challenger in time for my self-imposed deadline of the end of August. However, my artist is running far, far behind and has informed me it might take as long as next year before all the artwork is finished. I freaked out, so hopefully that will mean the artwork will be finished sooner.

I'm heading out on vacation this week and won't return for a couple more weeks because I'll be out in the bush. After that I'm planning on getting a few key pieces of art ready and then hopefully putting out the updated Challenger without quite as much new artwork as I'd hoped for. Then, whenever the bulk of the rest of the art is done we can hopefully have the sweet print version out.

There were a couple last minute major changes, but I've been told the new version is looking good by one of my playtesters. I might use the extra time to alphabetize the monsters and magic items (because there are a lot more now) and perhaps get some extra playtesting in. You can't have too much playtesting, right?

Thanks for waiting. I know it's annoying, but what can we do, right? Hopefully, I'll have the new rules ready to rock and roll by the end of next month (if not sooner) and who knows when the art will come out. It all depends on the artist and how much yelling I can get in without ticking her off.

If anyone cares to leave comments with sad faces so the artist will feel sorry for us and get the work done faster, that would be much appreciated. No problem if it's too much work.

Thanks to reader request, there should also be a new half-elf race to look forward to and possibly a Shadow Sorcerer class as well! The book is now eighteen chapters of chaos and feels much more serious than the earlier versions. I'm not sure if I like that or not, but so long as I can still play Godzilla, I'm happy.

Best Regards and Thanks for your Patience,

David L. Dostaler
Author, Challenger RPG
Heading on Vacation in the Bush


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  1. Yeah, I was a little disappointed myself. However, I suppose you can't rush good artwork. I'll let the artist know you're waiting to see her cool stuff!

    Thanks for posting!