Thursday 12 July 2012

Challenger Brainstorming and World Map

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently finishing up the edits to the new version of Challenger and aiming to be done by the end of the month. However, I still have to wait on all the artwork which is being created for the new print version of the book.

Edit: ***All Kingdoms now Claimed!***

If you'd like to have your favourite character done up by my artist and included as the leader of one of ten play-tester and player-created kingdoms in the upcoming Kingdoms of Sileeria expansion, please send me an e-mail and include "About Kingdoms of Sileeria" in the heading. Each entry is volountary only and I won't be paying royalties. However, this is your chance to be immortalized in print and the Challenger World Lore.

For a list of claimed kingdoms on the map, see the below second edit.

Challenger RPG World Map for Kingdoms of Sileeria

In the meantime, if anyone has any brainstorming ideas for Challenger, feel free to post them here as a comment or e-mail me at the official Challenger e-mail through the contacts page. Nothing's set in stone yet so if you have some great ideas you think should be included, feel free to let me know! If you have an awesome, class, race, power, or whatever you'd like to see in the new version of the game, go ahead and mention it.

I'm hoping to have a full size color piece of artwork for each class in the game (possibly all races and monsters) but I'm told one piece of art every few pages is a good thing. I've also beefed up the power lists so all classes have approximately 9 powers and weakened the teleporter and shape shifter so you don't have to take a power point penalty to play them any more. Armor defenses have been replaced with a more organic dodge rule which your armor can still effect and the rules on engagement and combat have been tweaked slightly to run more smoothly and make more sense.

The Challenger world map will probably be included in the Kingdoms of Sileeria expansion if that project goes through. I have the concept art for it, but the labels for the kingdoms haven't been written in yet. I have dibs on a pirate kingdom and New Moons University setting but the other 8 kingdoms are pretty much up for grabs. I'll probably e-mail my play testers for first dibs on the other 8 kingdoms but if you want your kingdom and leader to be included just let me know and I'll see what I can do. I can't really afford the time to lease out copyrights and pay everyone for their contributions so all submissions will be voluntary and attributed to whoever put them in, but I won't be paying out royalties.

2nd Edit: Claimed Kingdoms!: To avoid confusion, I'll be listing the claimed kingdoms here when I can. ten of ten Kingdoms have been claimed so far. The island in-between the continents (Pirate Kingdom), the lower left bottom kingdom (Mountain Kingdom), human empire (central kingdom), dwarf kingdom (underground) on the far continent, three unknown as yet kingdoms, and New Moon Universities (pocket dimension and small kingdom of unknown location filled with monsters). Good luck in getting your kingdom in there before they run out! 17/07/2012 10:48 PM

3rd Edit: I think I have enough Kingdoms to go on now. Thanks guys! 

Anyone included in Kingdoms of Sileeria will get to design their own kingdom  and a leader for that kingdom modeled after a favourite character. I'll have my artist draw in the world map and do some concept art for each character based on the descriptions I receive.

If there's too much whining and complaining about copyrights, payments, and so forth I'll be more than happy to just put the book together myself. I just think it's a great idea and an opportunity to get your character immortalized in the Challenger World Lore. After all, you don't have to submit ultra-sweet stuff unless you want to.

Thanks for being patient while I fnish up re-writing Challenger. I'm kind of itching to get it done so I can get back to work revising my eight book fantasy series and writing more sweet RPG stuff.

Best Regards,



In Other News: I've recently found out my website wasn't listed on Yahoo and Bing so I've tried to address that problem. I've also been mucking about with Alt image tags, added an RSS feed, and made some other minor internal improvements. I hope you like the changes!

We're up to 50,000 downloads in under 6 months on Amazon, more 4 and 5 star reviews are coming in (I very much appreciate it!), and the website doubled it's hits from being created last month for a total of 2,000 this month and 1,000 last month. Great stuff guys! I really appreciate the support. I've been turning all the profits around into more artwork for the book and design and layout. Know that your contributions are helping improve the game!

For those of us who are computer inept (me) here's an explanation of RSS: Basically it's that little doo-hickey thing at the top left of the page over my Twitter feed. Apparently, clicking on it and having some kind of feed thing lets you know when people update posts on their website so you don't have to keep checking back all the time. Cool eh? Who knew.

On a related note, it took me about 6 months to figure out the Mentions and Communications thing on Twitter. Thanks for bearing with me, techno wizards!

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