Monday 15 December 2014

Cow Bell and Reap Tracker Adventure 2 Part 1

This adventure is still in progress.

Cow Bell's Uncle Larry, who now rules the Kingdom of Am and is somewhat evil, summons the heroes to the court and requests that they defend the border village which I forgot the name of against the hostile forces of the forest of Nos.

He gives them a squad of 100 of his best soldiers and the king's seal which means that if anyone disobeys them, lightning will shoot down from the sky and kill the offenders.

They travel to the village and find it embroiled in a nightly war against zombies from the forest. Unknown to the heroes, the High Priest from the previous adventure is in league with the forces of death and controls the zombies who are attacking.

The heroes track the zombie forces into the forest and find a cave they are coming from. They enter and find a portal which the Reap Tracker's horse/dragon sniffs out for them. The portal leads to the northern swamp of doom where the ancient black castle lies with the stone golem pyramid. Selky has mind controlled the High Priest and taken control of the 4 invincible elemental forces of the land to destroy the kingdom.

A new hero joins the group. She's a telekinetic, but apart from that I forgot. They have a fight with some stone golems, but the dragon eats them and gets indigestion. Cow Bell digs with a shovel and finds a scroll that gives him visions of a fairy girl who tells him they cannot attack the evil castle without the 4 elemental weapons scattered across the lands.

They split their forces into the Desert of Flame and travel to the Vale of Ghosts where they recover the wind whip. Next, they travel into the frostlands and reclaim the water scimitar of healing from the bottom of a lake.

Air elementals attack Cow Bell, but he flies around the world 5 times and then ignites them with his laser eyes in a factory filled with gunpowder.

At this point, we had to break up the session so this adventure is to be continued...

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