Monday 28 May 2012

The Caverns of Psychopathic Crazy Lunatics (free adventure!)

I was just reading the 5E playtest materials sent out for Dungeons and Dragons. I thought it was pretty funny they set it back in the old B2 adventure, The Caverns of Chaos, complete with original map and everything. I thought it was so funny, in fact, that I decided to write up a spoof of the adventure Caverns of Chaos using my very own beer and pretzels RPG game system: Of Mice Men and Wizards (free on Amazon and DrivethruRPG).

The original adventure was set in a large 'u' shaped hill with varying elevations and multiple cavern entrances. The Caverns of Psychopathic Crazy Lunatics is pretty much the same except most of the entrances will kill you if you try to enter them and some stupid idiot built a village named "The Village" right under the hills in the territory of a vicious red dragon.

The brav--greedy heroes of your adventuring party have decided to come and try to gain some of the fabulous loot rumored to lie within the ultra-dangerous dungeon. Because the dungeon is so lethal, stupid, and filled with treasure; it's not really suitable for campaign play (I recommend a one-shot adventure) but it 'is' suitable for all character levels, all RPG systems, and anything else you care to throw at it (short of a Mark 3 Nuke).

If your group of brave heroes comes out of this adventure unscathed, you should probably see a professional GM for help because you probably have some serious powergaming problems.

The Of Mice Men and Wizards game system can be read in under 20 short, e-book pages. Various free expansions are available should you actually like the game (unlikely).

While I recommend you use whatever characters you want, Of Mice Men and Wizards characters would probably work best. Just don't use your favorite heroes because they may never return. Good luck!

--David L. Dostaler
Author, Of Mice Men and Wizards and Challenger RPG (both free)

...1st Official Playtest of this Adventure 

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