Monday 4 June 2012

Caverns of the Psychopathic Crazy Lunatics 1st Official Playtest

 Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the highlights of the 1st official playtest of The Caverns of the Psychopathic Crazy Lunatics an Of Mice Men and Wizards Adventure. We ran this adventure with Age of Past, Story Realms, and Challenger characters. Coincidentally, no Of Mice Men and Wizards characters were present.

1. Everyone died about 2-3 times except for the invisible, insubstantial, flying Dryad. So going to fix that.

2. The 1st level healers were run off their feet casting Raise Dead spells. Fixing that too.

3. The giant venomous spider killed 6 friendly giants almost single-handedly with his poisonous bite and teleportation powers.

4. One guy drew 4 death skulls form the Deck of Many Problems with separate characters. It was pretty funny.

5. Someone found an Astral Diamond and wand of fireballs in a 10,000 ft. diameter tree.

6. I think the best part of the adventure was probably when the PC with the wagon in the dungeon (don't ask) had half the party in it as he barreled between a row of pillars that all shot the wagon with lightning bolts and fireballs. Sorry to the guys who lost all their characters in that one, brilliant (fire) moment.

7. Second place goes to the water elemental who walked directly into the lightning trap and blew up half the dungeon (and half his comrades).

8. The survivors were quite rich and ended up with some very cool things. They then decided to take a vacation in the Abyss and were nearly killed by demons. Okay, old hairy PC guy, for the last time: Demons are Not Afraid of your retinue of 10 loyal Knights! I don't care how high you rolled on intimidate!

9. Wizard PC tried to sacrifice his 'Nymph' girlfriend to close the portal into the abyss. Sorry Mr. Wizard, she doesn't count as a magic item to sacrifice.

10. You can get this adventure for free on Amazon Kindle. If you bug me enough, I can probably put it out in PDF on as well. Not all elements will play out as described as above. I was using the adventure in combination with my 'random awesomeness' generator.

Thanks for reading, everyone! I got some really great playtesting in on the newest version of Challenger. Thanks to everyone who participated and to all my playtesters!

--David L. Dostaler
Author, Challenger RPG (free)

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  1. That had been fun.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Shammancer. I certainly did too. It also helped a lot with playtesting the new version of Challenger in action. Thank you. Hopefully we can run another game playtest soon. :)


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